COB Certified E-Commerce Leader - Part 1 Program

The COB Certified E-Commerce Leader Program comprises two parts each with their own exam.   This online program includes Part 1 only.

Part 1  - COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Program

This program normally offered as a classroom consultative option for our leadership program, is delivered via this e-learning program until 2022.

Part 1 - The core foundation for all managers and above is the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager program.  Course subscribers are required to sit and pass the exam (either online via Live Webcam or through our Authorised Test Centres globally). On passing the exam, you will have the COB Certified E-Commerce Manager certification, and qualify to progress onto the Part 2 course detailed below, to certify as a COB Certified E-Commerce Leader.

Part 2  - COB Certified E-Commerce Leader - Advanced Learning - Classroom Only -  Returning in Early 2022

  • Day 1: Deploying and Understanding Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Day 2: Futures Technology, Strategic Planning and Innovation
  • Day 3: Advanced Practical Workshops
  • Day 4: Practical Examination