COB Certified E-Commerce Manager E-Learning Program

Get 90-days access to the industry's leading online e-business certification course, and save £50 on exam fees. Subscribe to the online version of this globally recognised e-business certification program from The Certificate in Online Business™ (COB). Master E-Commerce Business, Content Strategy & Customer Experience. Learn Web Merchandising for Optimium Sales and Gain an Introduction to Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • 90-days access to around 25-hours of high-impacting interactive online lessons and workshops (compatible with Tablets, Windows & Mac PCs)
  • Downloadable low resolution Versions of the Six Official COB Certified E-Commerce Manager Course Books
  • Your Certificate in Online Business exam administration fee*

* Fee excludes exam invigilation fee which is payable to your chosen authorised testing centre. Single exam track COB Certified E-Business Manager

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager E-Learning Program includes these courses

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager - E-Learning Only Edition
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Exam Administration - Single Track
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